Asphalt Repair Before It Becomes Asphalt Replace.

Once structural damage has occurred, preventive maintenance treatments are no longer viable and costlier corrective strategies are required.Our New York winters cause water to freeze in cracks, holes, voids, and other areas of Asphalt Pavement. The expansion of the ice, followed by melting and re-freezing always causes these Potholes to grow in size and depth. The Sub-Base under the Asphalt soon deteriorates and further damages the Asphalt. Act promptly to repair Potholes! Potholes can be small or large, and the size will determine which type of Pothole Repair will be recommended:

Saw Cut & Patch

Saw Cut & Patch involves Saw Cutting and removing the damaged area of Asphalt, Excavating to a depth of 2"–6", refilling the hole with fresh Asphalt, then compacting the Asphalt with a vibratory roller. The Saw Cut joint is Sealed with a Binding Tack Coat to prevent water infiltration. Saw Cut & Patch is typically used for alligator cracked Pavement, which requires full depth Asphalt Replacement. This method of Pothole Repair is more labor intensive, but it provides a cleaner looking Patch area.

Cold Patch

Cold Patch is typically purchased from retail home improvement chains and comes in 50 lb bags. Cold Patch is very easy to install, using only a shovel and square hand tamper. Cold patch is used primarily as a “temporary Repair” to mitigate tripping hazards or car tire damage until professional Asphalt Repairs can be completed.

Surface Patching

Surface Patching, sometimes referred to as "Skin Patching", is a temporary Pothole Repair. Surface Patching will outlast Cold Patch, but is not a long term solution or as effective as Saw Cutting and Patching the damaged Asphalt. Surface Patching is typically used when emergency Repairs need to be made in high traffic areas where Cold Patch will be eroded from constant traffic, or pedestrian traffic for a solid surface to walk on. Typically, Surface Patching is used prior to a parking lot being Milled and Paved, or an Asphalt Resurface. Hot Mix Asphalt is used to fill the holes, then compacted until level with the surround pavement, but Surface Patches are susceptible to damage from snow plow blades.

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