What Is Asphalt Resurfacing?

Asphalt Resurfacing, also known as an Overlay, simply involves paving a new layer of asphalt over the old. Asphalt Resurfacing is fast and extremely cost effective, and while returning the asphalt to its original smoothness, it also adds structural integrity. Asphalt Resurfacing is one option that can help refresh the look of your driveway or parking lot without taking as much out of your budget as an outright asphalt replacement.

Typically, we recommend resurfacing if the foundation of your driveway or parking lot is structurally sound. Keep in mind that we will need to repair any cracks, divots, or potholes prior to resurfacing. The new pavement will only be as strong as the surface beneath it.


Once you notice that your Asphalt Pavement is beginning to degrade significantly, feel free to contact Heritage Asphalt Paving for our expertise within the Asphalt Paving industry. We can schedule a free, no-obligation estimate at your convenience to discuss your Paving options with you.


When Should A Driveway Or Parking Lot Be Resurfaced?

  • Less Than 25-30% Of Your Asphalt Surface Needs To Be Repaired

  • The Foundation Is Structurally Sound

  • Your Paved Surface Is Less Thank 20 Years Old

  • No Cracks Exist In Your Pavement That Are Over A Quarter Inch Wide

  • No Cracks Exist In Your Pavement That Are A Few Inches Deep

Can You Resurface Over Cracked Pavement?

Yes, sometimes. Linear cracks (cracks that form nearly straight lines) can be filled with a  hot rubberized sealant, referred to as Crack Sealing. Alligator cracks require much more extensive work to fix; if a small area has alligator cracking, it can be fixed prior to Resurfacing.​ It is important to remember that if your driveway or parking lot has extensive damage or alligator cracks and truly needs to be replaced, simply Resurfacing it will not be enough. Doing constant repairs on your aging paved surface can sometimes be more expensive than if you had just done complete Asphalt Replacement.

How Long Should Newly Resurfaced Pavement Last?

That depends on many factors as no two Asphalt Paving projects are identical. Factors that determine pavement lifespan include weather patterns, the harshness of winter (freeze-thaw cycles), how many heavy trucks use the pavement in question, the thickness of the new Asphalt layer, the exact condition of the sub-grade prior to Resurfacing and how well the new Asphalt Pavement is taken care of through routine Asphalt Maintenance. An average pavement overlay lifespan can be from 8-15 years, depending on the above factors.

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